We also work very hard for our customers by providing fast processing and quick payment, because you need your money to buy more material. If the metal stops coming in I will have to be back in that pick-up looking for metal, and I really don't want that. We also do commercial accounts such as oil refineries, large utility companies and government instillation's. It doesn't matter if you have one bag of cans or 20 tractor trailer loads, you are just as important to us as a customer. We are a very environmentally conscious company. We will not take oil contaminated material. We have been certified in full compliance by the EPA and I want to keep it that way. We are also site certified by the government for D-MIL of classfied material and are a CCR registered company and listed on Dun and Brad Street.

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We take pride in our customer service and in our honesty first policy. We work with our customers by educating them on their metals so that they get the best possible prices on the material that they ship in. I know this sounds crazy, but in the long run it saves us money by not having to resort material with cross contamination's, so this saves time, money and labor ... Different Yes, Crazy No!

Honest Prices - Honest Weight    

C.K.S. Metal Corporation was started in 1992 with a pick-up truck and a very small trailer by going to other yards and buying what they call unsortable metal, bringing it back, sorting it and selling it right back to them. From this humble beginning we have grown to a 4 million dollar a year company and are still growing at a very fast pace, but I still remember the days of being on the other side of the scale.